Time to reflect and welcome the future

Considering our origins, we are not only very fortunate to be a healthy and growing business, but the Directors are also lucky to still be married and alive considering the hours that have gone into our business.

On a serious note, with hard work and an unwavering dedication to doing the right thing by our clients, we have seen amazing continuous growth and an impressive client portfolio from the oldest Law firm in WA to large multi-nationals – something we are extremely proud of – and reaffirms that our vision of great service at an affordable cost, while being trusted advisors, is what the public wants and needs.

We have been tenacious in our goal to provide a great service to our valued clients which allows us to share the relevant technology developments with them and in the process inform business owners on what solutions are available on the market. Fighting the instinctive force of inertia some businesses have towards technology, we have seen an immense openness from our clients to these information sessions…which excites us!

Although this has been tremendously important for our growth, we would be fooled if the dedication, support and sheer passion of our staff were not the leading reasons for our success. We have a great team of people who are sympathetic to the pressures our clients face, while remaining extremely aware of the impact technology has on businesses and how reducing the inevitable “IT problems”, and acting swiftly to their reports, results in a win-win engagement. When this mindset is coupled with a friendly voice who is always willing to help, you get to build a great relationship with your clients – something we are honoured with every day in the office.

This is not simply another blog about how proud I am of our growth as a direct result of our relationships, great service and our staff, it’s how a culmination of these have afforded us the opportunity to add an equally dedicated, passionate and dynamic individual to our Directors team. As of the 1st July 2020, Stewart Kerr has agreed to take on the task of joining us at the helm of our business. He has embraced opportunities provided to him and owned them with a manner of grace and maturity that is rare for such a young professional and has laid the foundation for an easy discussion and decision to add him to the board.

We are very excited and honoured that Stewart can join us in this capacity as it’s not only in line with our strategic growth and service plans, which are 2 years ahead of schedule, it allows us to focus inward even more and ensure that as we become a fully-fledged national IT consultancy, we still provide the personalised service and advice CTG has become synonymous with.

Equally important, it allows us the dedication to staying at the forefront of technology on behalf of our clients – who are the true beneficiaries of our knowledge and our dedication to efficiency through IT.

As always, we appreciate the support of our clients, partners and advocates and hope to continue the exciting path we are on with each of you. Without every one of you, whom there are simply too many to list here, this journey of ours would not be as pleasant or exciting as is it has been.

We look forward to meeting up with each and every one of you in the very near future, but until then we wish you all the best from both a personal and commercial capacity. Please, stay safe.

Yours Sincerely & Gratefully,

Anton Thysse