Cloud Adaptation

Understanding the different cloud models and options available on the market can be an overwhelming and confusing process. To ensure your business receives the correct advice and plan the migration accordingly, we provide a support service that will assist with the analysis, recommendations and planning to ensure the most suitable solution is implemented

With cloud being such a crucial part of technology solutions for organisations, it is essential to fully understand the various models and options available. More and more applications are being offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and combined with the traditional cloud hosting solutions. It has become paramount for organisations to explore these options and determine the best solutions, from both innovation and budgetary perspective. 

Our cloud transformation is a more in-depth engagement process that forms part of our continuous partnership with firms and the advice provided around the various products on the market and exploring the options provided by true SaaS products or even aspects such as Office 365 capabilities.



  1. Office 365 Suite
  2. Practice Management Software
  3. Public v Private Cloud 
  4. Software as a Service (Saas)
With the world moving more towards subscription based models, for all aspects, both commercially and personally, the Office 365 platform enables multiple options for firms to consider. This product suite is continuing to develop and more organisations are making use of its flexiblity and many application sets that forms part of their standard licensing and includes some great collaboration tools:
  1. Office 365 email
  2. Office Productivity Suites
  3. Teams
  4. SharePoint
  5. Microsoft Bookings & Forms
More organisations are considering cloud platforms for their practice management software and applications, which requires a more practical approach to ensure that the entire infrastructure and application sets are integrated in a uniformed environment. Our experienced team assists with this process and helps with the transition and migration:
  1. Transform your existing practice management requirements to a complete private cloud hosted environment
  2. Capabilities to provide a remote desktop solution for your staff with all your normal application sets
Truly understanding the difference between the options are crucial - As part of our cloud transformation we engage with firms to determine the best possible solution for their organisation to ensure they are fully across the advantages as well as the associated risks:
  1. Understanding where your data is located & how to access it or recover in case of a disaster
  2. Hybrid cloud model with applications in a private cloud and utilising solutions such as Office 365 with SharePoint
  3. Risk & security analyses, combined with analyses on total cost of ownership
Software as a Service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis, which is normally hosted within a cloud environment. Even though this model provides that true cloud flexible model, it is important to understand various important aspects about the supplier and we work with your team for an in-depth analyses on items such:
  1. Application & data location
  2. Mitigation & recovery strategies
  3. Intellectual Property & Ownership