Managed Services

We know that every minute counts and our fully managed IT support service allows clients to completely outsource the management and improvements of their IT requirements with a trusted advisor guiding them through the technology landscape

We have a national infrastructure that allows us to provide managed service IT support across Australia with consistency and accuracy in a timely manner. Our support model has been designed to provide you with a dedicated team of engineers, team leader and customer service manager specifically for your business. This ensures we provide consistency and continuity across the team of 23+ support staff members over multiple office locations and timezones. With that in mind we can ensure that all our clients experience the same continuity regardless of location with key deliverables for complete ICT management:

  1. High Level Technical Support
  2. Infrastructure, Server & VM Management
  3. Network Monitoring & Desktop Support
  4. Cyber Security Awareness
  5. User Training & Workshops




Average mins to respond



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Average Hrs to resolve

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Support tickets closed the same day

Our comprehensive IT support model includes all of the above, as well as some additional guarantees we deliver on. In becoming the central point of contact for all ICT related enquiries and managing the 3rd party relationships with regards to escalation and support query resolution, we can apply a more holistic support model for our clients

  1. We understand the necessity companies have around productivity and billable hours within these sectors and therefore have leading guaranteed response times
  2. Service classification that provides priority on the impact and severity to ensure we meet with our rapid response and resolution plans
  3. The availability of our service level is quantified autonomously and available through interactive dashboards
  1. With the data we have for the sectors and support efforts involved, we can calculate a user support fee that provides the remote and onsite support requirements for a fixed monthly fee
  2. The support model ensures that it is always relevant to the current operational requirements of the firm
  1. Our helpdesk is a truly central point of contact of all ICT related enquiries equivalent to an internal IT support infrastructure
  2. Combined with the centralised helpdesk, we also liaise and colloaborate with all 3rd party vendors on your behalf, to ensure we implement and support the most efficient or leading edge solutions for the business
  3. National support provided across Australia for all business hours regardless of location, allowing support options traversing multiple timezones
  1. By utilising some of the most innovative software solutions on the market, we leverage our data models with constant analysis in real time to ensure we maintain successful closure rates. As a business, we provide our clients with access to these dashboards to view progress and updates regarding our support efforts in real time.
  2. Direct access to our intuative dashboards with live data on our SLA responses, resolution times, project phases and trends relating to your business
  1. The fixed managed service model also includes regular senior management and customer service relationship meetings to ensure the business roadmap milestones are on track, inline with the overall objective
  2. These key aspects are crucial for roadmap planning to ensure the relevant strategies are applied that positively contribute towards a more productive workforce
  1. The remote monitoring and management tool we deploy, provides us with granularity and information on the assets and infrastructure of our clients
  2. These aspects will include everything on the network, as well as warranties, performance metrics and user statistics