The VoIP telephony deployment is hosted within one of our private datacentres and by utilising our Australia based cloud we can offer the solutions with a fixed budget in mind

The potential capabilities it can provide your business, the often frustrating phone system is an undeniably essential part of your business that can provide immense flexibility and efficiency. Having the capabilities to provide a true mobile workforce that connects not only your staff, but also your clients from a communication perspective, have never been more important.   



  1. Conference calling (Both Video and Audio)
  2. Mobility – Certified mobile App 
  3. Click to dial CRM integration 
  4. Recording 
  5. Unified Communication 
  6. Cost effective billing – Fixed price all-inclusive billing models
Plug and Play capability with IP phones, networks and providers – This has the potential to reduce the initial overhead to replace your desk phones and depending on your business needs could remove the need for a desk phone altogether.
Both Video and Audio conferencing use for internal and external individuals is easy to achieve and provides an all-in one system, as opposed to using tools like Zoom “as just another application you need to pay for.”
With a certified mobile app you can fulfil every function on your mobile device that you can at your desk in your office. This includes the reception function.
The ability to click on a phone number in your browser or mail a client and directly dial without punching the numbers might not seem a huge time saver, but becomes a feature you very quickly won’t want to live without. Further to this, integration to your CRM platform will provide huge efficiency gains.
With the client configured on your pc/laptop, mobile phone and or tablet, it provides you with instant messaging, presence information at a glance, video and audio call conferencing and call management all in one simple to use interface anywhere, any time.
Configure as simple or complex a call flow as your business needs, with powerful and stable capabilities allowing a professional IVR client experience. With either entire system or individual extension recording capabilities you can enable and disable exactly what your business needs.
A variety of call reports allows managers and business owners alike to gain full visibility of use and provides the ability to make business decisions on facts.
Fixed price all-inclusive billing model provides you the ability to budget accurately and have one less unexpected thing in your business.


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