Private Cloud Hosting

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver premium cloud services and with our datacentres located across Australia we can ensure that data remains within our borders

Our particular private cloud model involves a distinct and secure cloud based environment to ensure your data is kept safe. Some of the key aspects to our cloud that differentiate us and why so many firms within the professional service sector engage with us. With this model, we help firms to adopt an OPEX model, rather than a capital expenditure, that not only allows for easier budget management, but also more flexibility. 

The bespoke cloud model offers solutions that will suit any organisation, regardless of size, location or sector:

  1. Host your practice management software & other key applications 
  2. Complete remote capability from anywhere & any device
  3. Allows flexibility & scalability on a per user model
  4. Migration & transition to the cloud included with our OPEX model 
  5. Additional security with the latest innovations applied to your virtual private infrastructure

Key Cloud Aspects

  1. All datencentre locations are within Australia so data remains within our borders 
  2. Top tier DC with advanced physical security & redundancy measures 
  3. Multiple digital layers of security 
  4. 2 Factor Authentication & MFA deployments as standard 
  5. State of the art enterprise hardware with multiple levels of redundancy 
  6. Flexibility in solutions and cost 
  7. Host any application or software with complete remote capability
With this cloud offering we can also ensure you are protected against disasters and provide the much required business continuity and protection of your intellectual property. By utilising the cloud environment we have the ability to merely switch on your entire infrastructure at any secondary location with minimal downtime that reduces recovery times

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