Remote Monitoring Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools allows for a complete transparent real time view across our clients' entire network and infrastructure to allow us and our partners to make more informed decisions

The automated system is deployed as part of our managed service model, as a standard, which monitors aspects pertaining to the organisation’s virtual environment, as well as the physical hardware elements. Apart from the tools providing us the ability to be a proactive provider by ensuring we are ahead of your customers ie: knowing about an issue before it actually arises, it also includes a managed service anti virus solution: 

  1. Includes a standard Anti-Virus software 
  2. Allows for easier scheduled maintenance, as well as updates & patching
  3. Up to 1 minute accuracy on network performance & activity 
  4. Critical notifications with automated alerts sent to our team, as well as the ability to deliver text messages for critical outages on a clients environment 
  5. Asset management modules to ensure that hardware & assets are managed correctly, with relevant budget planning allocation 


This system allows for in-depth analyses on your infrastructure and is deployed to every device on the network. It also allows for easier remote access with less user interaction, which allows you more efficiency in the firm

  1. Data Breach intelligence
  2. Web protection
  3. Managed Anti-Virus
  4. Endpoint protection and response 
  5. Complete network device monitoring