Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to deliver one of the most advanced endpoint anti-virus and threat protection software solutions that are being utilised in firms within the professional service sector

We have partnered with a few global leaders in both physical hardware and also software solutions to enhance the security offering for our clients. This particular EDR which supersedes traditional anti-virus solution provides an edge to edge enterprise security platform with the use of multiple AI algorithms, to protect against a wide net of threats on the market. With its machine learning capabilities it also continuously improve on the layers to detect and respond accordingly. 


This system allows for in-depth analyses on your infrastructure and is deployed to every device on the network. It also allows for easier remote access with less user interaction, which allows you more efficiency in the firm

  1. Data Breach intelligence
  2. Web protection
  3. Managed Anti-Virus

Unlike traditional AVs, EDR is consistently monitoring the system and will alert on any suspicious activity whilst most traditional AVs will pick up the bulk of infections during regularly scheduled scans. EDR will also push out updates in realtime to all other agents on the network should a new threat be detected so it can immunize all other devices for the threat to drastically reduce spread whilst other traditional AV’s would require definition updates for this sort of information.

  1. Help protect against the latest threats without waiting for recurring scans or updates to signature definitions
  2. Respond to threats at the endpoint almost immediately
  1. Easily determine how and when an attack started
  2. View summaries or detailed information about threats from a single dashboard
  3. Present key risk findings and executive insights via customized reports
  1. Automate responses for quick threat containment
  2. Help remediate attacks by reversing the effects