2 Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) has become a necessity for everyone these days and organisations are deploying it as a minimum expectation to ensure that additional security measures are in place to protect their users and firm

This electronic authentication method allows a user access to their desktop/laptop, relevant website or application, after an additional security measure has successfully been approved, following the standard username and password methodology. Not only do we deploy this as a standard within our cloud environment, we also implement this for firms with traditional onsite server models. 2 Factor Authentication have proven to protect against multiple standard cyber attacks we find these days:

  • Phishing 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Password Brute Force


This is one of the most effective controls that an organisation can implement to protect their firm as it requires an additional authentication method.

  1. Easy, effective & secure
  2. Confirmation based on user location 
  3. User friendly with multiple confirmation options
  4. No unauthorised access 
  5. Mobile application for ease of use
Microsoft security and their Office 365 platform, especially relating to the mail exchange platform, ensures that accounts are up to 99% less likely to be compromised, according to the information from Microsoft. MFA increases the security on the account by requiring the same level of authorisation as the standard 2 factor authentication methodology:
  1. Secure across application
  2. Single sign-on from any location or device
  3. Forms part of the office 365 offering, so no additional applications required
  4. Various methods to confirm authentications including SMS and voice
  5. Utilises Microsoft Authenticator on the mobile app to approve sign-in