Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

With technology playing such a big part of the overall business continuity strategy these days, our disaster recovery solutions are designed to assist businesses reduce their downtime and protect against disasters and their intellectual property

Probably one of the most critical aspect to any organisation is to ensure business continuity and therefore all aspects of operational activities and network infrastructure should be considered when designing the overall approach or plan. We would always recommend that a Full DR (Complete replication to a secondary production server in a second location) is implemented. This will allow for virtual servers to be switched on at short notice, thus reducing the RTO (Restore Time Objective) from multiple hours and potential days to a few hours. 

Deploying a best practice solution will ensure the business reduces critical downtime and allows us to mitigate against other unforeseen business risks that could impede in the daily operations for staff: 

  • The ability to merely switch on your entire infrastructure at a secondary location in case of a disaster
  • Reduce your restore time, compared to standard backup solutions
  • Run invocation tests to ensure you have successful processes & systems in place


  1. Daily replication of entire server infrastructure off-site
  2. Mitigates against business risk, loss of data and productivity
  3. Reduces your RTO – Restore Time Objective (to within a couple of hours
  4. Meaning, we can get your business operational much quicker, in the event of a disaster
  5. Regular invocation test to be completed as part of the Disaster Recovery service solution