Article: Pandemic Accelerated Technology Adoption

While many firms are still reeling from the effects of 2020, and the undeniable change it’s made to conventional legal proceedings, it takes us back to the survey we did early last year when the pandemic struck, called “Technology & Other challenges” (see full survey here:Technology-and-Other-Challenges.pdf It was not surprising then, that most firms, regardless of sector, found themselves technologically under-prepared.

Because we ourselves delved so deeply last year into what was affecting firms that suddenly found themselves ill-equipped to run their businesses off-site, we found this article from author & lawyer, Aurthur Marusevich of Canberra, extremely interesting from a lawyers perspective, and we share his sentiments that it does not have to be a painful process, but can be an evolutionary process supported by the right ICT partner:

“To this end, adoption of technology should not be a desperate step taken during emergency, but a constant evolution towards becoming more technologically advanced to deliver seamless legal services.Law firms that understand this prepare themselves for the future by looking at what is expected of them from the core legal business. They embrace technology knowing that yes, it will not replace them, but it will replace those law firms that don’t.”

Credits: Author: Arthur Marusevich is a lawyer based in Canberra, ACT.

Publisher:  Lawyers Weekly/ Big Law