Managed Services

Branded as our “Concierge” service, our approach to managed services encompasses a solution whereby we become the trusted advisors and triage on your behalf for any 3rd party provider issues. This is an added value over and above your standard day to day support.

We guarantee that through outstanding communication we provide only the best levels of correspondence to ensure the information you receive is timely and accurate.

A comprehensive support and consultancy solution that consists of'

  • Fixed Monthly Concierge Costs

    Our model will ensure you have fixed monthly costs for support and consultancy

    • Reduce Annual Budgets
    • Monthly Forecasting
    • File Backups Included
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

    Comprehensive IT support solutions with a CT Group guarantee

    • Rapid Response Times
    • Complete Time Reporting 
    • Weekly Critical Checks
  • ICT Strategies & Roadmap Planning

    Completing your ICT gap analysis with a focus on future market trends

    • Business Applications
    • Cost Saving Strategies
    • Asset Information
  • Senior Quarterly Review Meetings

    Analysing your compliancy requirements and solutions to provide efficiencies

    • Technology Growth
    • Accessibility Reporting
    • Infrastructure Review

In addition to the above our Concierge Managed Services offers extensive benefits such as:

  • Knowledgeable Staff

  • Security and Backups

  • Innovation Implementation

  • Comprehensive Monitoring Systems