Security and transparency over your intellectual assets is a constant and difficult challenge. Couple that with the addition of mobile users and disparate sites, businesses are often left stranded with no clear solution for document control.

CT Group Solutions can assist with these concerns with our Document Management knowledge.

We are able to assist and consult in areas such as:

  • Virtual Data Rooms

    The facility of an online repository of information that can be accessed by clients as required

    • Confidentiality
    • Time Efficiency
    • Reduce Footprint
    • Strict Security
  • Versioning

    The ability to keep and revert incremental changes on documents, including minor and major versions

    • Track Changes
    • Time Stamped
    • User ID Notification
  • Security

    Secure your documents and folders with complete granular access control for each user

    • Restrictions on Search
    • Apply Group Policies
    • Lock Down Access
  • Mobility

    Complete & secure external access to your document store regardless of your location or device

    • Ipad & Tablet Access
    • Access Data Anywhere
    • Secure Connectivity

Other unique benefits that our Document Management Systems offer:

  • Auditability

  • Prevent Data Deduplication

  • Defensive Disposal

  • Strategic Archiving