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Electronic signatures have followed the technology evolution path and our new modern form of signatures provides a true digital signature platform. With the platform fully hosted in our private cloud, our clients can combine the digital signatures with the powerful built in documentation automation to provide some enhanced efficiencies for their teams

Working with our specialist partners in this field, SigniFlow, the software applies the latest cryptographic digital signature standards that ensures you and our clients can sign all your pdf documents securely from anywhere on any device, at a fraction of the cost compared to the usual electronic signature solutions on the market.

Upload - Track - Sign - Manage Signatures

Upload - Track - Sign

  1. Worklfow that creates automation & document routing 
  2. Various roles can be applied from approver to signer or viewer etc
  3. Grouping a team to sign as group or review as peers
  4. Geo-location on any device also allows for "face to face" signing
  5. This world class system allows for some of the best API integration 100's already connected systems  

Signature Security Embedments

All documents that are signed through our platform is embedded with all the necessary security and relevant certificates that validates the authenticity of the signatures. Working with a global leader in this sector, SigniFlow, we are able to provide digital signatures methodologies to all our professional service clients with bespoke workflows and practice management or CRM integration. 


Various options available to confirm the identity of the signee such as Multi-factor authentication and AD, LDAP, OAuth and SAML etc

PDF Audit

The solution is fully auditable trusted AATL embedment's for every person signing the document within the workflow. Audit logs are also written and embedded into the document by utilising specific steganography

Tamper Proof

The document content is protected from start and throughout the process by using specific cryptographic algorithms

Digital Certificates

All signatures created throughout the workflow, uses a specific X.509 digital standard for public key certificates 

Document Creation

The system provides a very user friendly and intuitive approach to guide signers through the process to complete all relevant fields in the correct areas and also allow the user to quickly create and safe templates for future use.

  • Templates
  • Fillable Text Fields
  • Auto-Fill 
  • Drop-down Options
  • Form Fields & Integration 

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