CT Group Presents: The Future of Law Panel Discussion

As part of an ALPMA Partners Insight event, CT Group presents The Future of Law: 2 trends not to be ignored

We are hosting a panel discussion event whereby we will dissect the two key trends of Technology & Outsourcing and Ensuring Quality Staff and will be discussed by legal thought leaders in Perth. Combining forces with Macquarie Bank, we are anaylising their legal service benchmark survey to discuss the key habits of high performing firms, locally, nationally and perhaps internationally.

You will gain insight into how local firms are focusing on investing in technology, planning alternative business models, responding to disruptive technologies and looking to the UK and US to see what trends are coming to Perth. The panel will also talk about how they deal with increasing demand for staff mobility, deal with the changing markets and the pressures it puts on staffing and maintain and invest in business development and productivity improvements with their staff

Our prestige panel include some of Perth’s most recognised partners such as:

  • Andrew Logan – Mills Oakley
  • Catherine Leach – Leach Legal
  • Natale Ricciardi – Frichot & Frichot
  • Chris Bates – KBE Human Capital

A key emphasis will be placed on the three habits/trends that are found in high performing firms and their ethos around “Invest & Drive”

  • Invest in technology and outsourcing
  • Drive higher profits through quality staff
  • Invest in productivity

This seminar will be recorded and available free to ALPMA members online. Not an ALPMA member? Register for a free guest pass or join ALPMA now!

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